Pray the Rosary Daily During May


Sacred Heart Church would like to invite the community to pray the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary every day during the month of May.

We are meeting every day during the month of May at 6 pm in Sacred Heart Church. Both English and Spanish speakers are welcome.

If you are unable to attend, please consider saying the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary at your home or work.


Happy Mothers’ Day

On the second of May, we celebrated Mass at St. Bernard School. It was in honor of Mother Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth. At the beginning of the Mass, four students solemnly carried the statue of Mary to the table erected at the foot of the Altar. They were followed by a young girl dressed in white carrying the beaturiful crown of flowers. It was so heavenly when she crowned th Virgin Mary at the sound of the music played by the students. During the sermon, Deacon Dance preached on this tradition of the Catholic Church, “The Coronation of Mary.” He intertwined the sermon with Mother’s Day celebration.

He ended giving them a home task, “Say to your mom today that you love her.” As a pastor, I truly appreciate Paul Shanahan and Deacon Dance for every attempt the y make to keep alive and inculcate in our students our Catholic tradition.

The month of May is dedicated to our heavenly Mother and this tradition began in the 13th century. May sees the beauty of its nature to its best. There is a complete renewal, colorful flowers, the fragrance is in the air and the hills are decorated with wild flowers on a green carpet. Nature is at its peak. This renewal connects to Mother Mary. She gave new life to the world when she  brought to the world our savior, Jesus Christ. This pious practice of honoring mary during the month of may has been promoted by the Popes. Pope Pius XII made frequent references to it in his Mediator Dei.

There are various ways we can make this month special to Mary. It is a common practice in many parishes to erect a special May altar with the statue or picture of Mary, the crowning of Mary with flowers depicting her beauty of virtues, and daily recitation of the Rosary. The Spanish-speaking community of Sacred Heart Church are gathering every day at 6 pm to pray the Rosary. We can also do this practice in our homes as well.

This weekend we also celebrate Mothers’ Day. A day set apart to acknowledge their sacrificial love for us. Even God used the analogy of a mother to express His love, “Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even shou she forget, I will not forget you.: Isaiah 49:15.

God has honored a mother with this reference. Let us partake in the home in the home assignment of Deacon Dance wich he had given to St. Bernard School students, “Expressing our gratitude to God for giving us a Heavenly Mother and our mothers, and tell them we love them tenderly.” Happy Mothers’ Day.

– Fr. Bernard


-Fr. Bernard

St. Vincent Dining Room Needs Volunteers


Please Help! Now serving indoors, St. Vincent de Paul’s Dining Room needs volunteers for food preparation, serving and clean-up. Call (707) 445-9588 and speak with Mary, Steven or Bob about what is best for you.  We would also like to thank you for your continued financial support, particularly at Easter. Your generosity makes a difference for so many. May God continue to bless you.  


Congratulations to Our First Communicants

Congratulations to our First Holy Communicants: Christian Lopez, Evanni Herrera, Gerson Mendoza, Junnar Escalante, Alison Escalante,Maggie Fresz, Aianna Valladares, Marco Valladares, Enrique Gonzalez, Bernardo Freitas, Aurelia Fosnaugh, Dayana Ramirez, Kenia Nieto-Vargas, Armani Montes-Valdovinos, Miguel Pozos-Gonzalez, Diego Moreno-Valencia, Katie Bazan-Bazan, Alexis Sanchez-Esparza, Haziel Rojas, Quetzalli Pozos-Gonzalez, Karen Moreno-Vargas, Aileen Martinez, Sofia Sierra, Violeta Sanchez-Gordillo, Isaias Ponce-Pimentel, Teresa Moctezuma-Vargas, Aldo Lopez-Tejeda, Itzayana Cervantes-Ramirez, Kevin Sanchez-Esparza, and Bretsy Pozos-Carino. 

Please keep these young people and their families in your prayers. May they continue to grow in and be guided by God’s wisdom, love and strength made manifest in their daily lives.



Liturgy Schedule

Sacred Heart – St. Bernard – St. Joseph Parishes

May 14


3:15 pm – Confession @ St. Joseph Church

4:00 pm Mass @ St. Joseph Church

6:00 pm – Rosary @ Sacred Heart

May 15


7:30 am – Mass @ St. Joseph

9:00 am – Mass in English @ Sacred Heart

10:30 am – Mass @ St. Bernard

12:15 pm – Mass in Spanish @ Sacred Heart

6:00 pm – Rosary @ Sacred Heart

May 16


12:15 pm – Mass @ St. Bernard

6:00 pm – Rosary @ Sacred Heart

May 17


7:30 am – Mass @ St. Joseph

6:00 pm – Rosary @ Sacred Heart

May 18


12:15 pm – Mass @ St. Bernard

12:45-1:45 pm – Adoration and Confession @ St. Bernard

6:00 pm – Adoration and Confession @ Sacred Heart

7:00 pm – Spanish language Mass @ Sacred Heart in Spanish

May 19


7:30 am @ St. Joseph Church

6:00 pm – Rosary @ Sacred Heart

May 20


12:15 pm – @ St. Bernard

6:00 pm – Rosary @ Sacred Heart

Catholic News

We have created links to the best Catholic news sites so that you can keep current in the latest national and international Catholic news.


America: The Jesuit Review

Our flagship magazine is the leading Catholic journal of opinion in the United States. First published in 1909, America magazine is known across the Catholic world for its unique brand of opinion and analysis. From theology and spirituality to politics, international relations, arts and letters, and the economy and social justice, America’s coverage spans the globe. We tell the stories that matter most to the church and the world. Our award-winning website is

Go to America: The Jesuit Review


Catholic News Service

Catholic News Service has a rich history of journalistic professionalism and is a leader in the world of Catholic and religious media. With headquarters in Washington, offices in New York and Rome, and correspondents around the world, CNS provides the most comprehensive coverage of the church today.

And in the digital age, CNS is showing a new audience the accuracy that has always been its hallmark with its video journalism and documentary production.

Go To Catholic News Service


Vatican News

Vatican News is the news portal of the Holy See. Surpassing the concept of being a simple digital platform, Vatican News seeks to respond and, in a certain sense, to anticipate the continual changes taking place in communication, with the objective of “communicating the Gospel of mercy to all people” in various cultures. It communicates and interacts through audio, video, text and images on a multi-lingual, multi-culture, multi-channel, multi-media and multi-device plain.

Go To Vatican News in English

Catholic News Videos

Keep up with the latest Catholic News

  • Pope Francis: Let world leaders not forget that the people want peace. Pope Francis addressed the roughly 20,000 pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square, turning his attention to the war in Ukraine.
  • Pope Francis to declare 10 new saints on May 15. The last canonization ceremony was held in 2019.
  • Pope Francis and grandparents’ vocation for their grandchildren. May 11, 2022 At today’s General Audience, Pope Francis recalls that an important part of the vocation of the elderly and grandparents is to support their children in raising and teaching children.

We Have A Prayer Team


If you have a special need of any sort, we have a prayer team who will pray on your behalf.  Let us pray with you, and for you.  Surround yourself with prayer. 

Call our prayer line leader Toni 24/7 at (707) 445-361six


Lake County Annual Outdoor Passion Play


The Lake County Annual Outdoor Passion Play will be on Saturday and Sunday May 14th and 15th, 2022 at 4:00 to 6:00pm in beautiful Lake County! Admission is Free! New cast members are always welcome! If you want to feel the Power of our Lord, come and experience the Passion Play!

Visit us at:  

Call: 707-263-0349 or like our Facebook Page




Religious Education classes are for Sacrament preparation only. All classes are on Sundays at Sacred Heart Church. Spanish First Communion 10:30 am., English First Communion and all Confirmation 1:30 pm. Classes began on October 10th. Contact Kim at 442-2233 or for more information. You may register at the Sacred Heart office or with Kim Farrell or Deacon Dance.

A registration form must be filled out for each child with the following fee: 1child $50, 2 children $80 or 3 or more children $100.

Download Registration Form

RITE of Christian Initiation of adults

RCIA: An Invitation to Quench Our Deepest Longing 

The human heart seems ultimately to manifest itself in the desire to be loved and to love in return. Until then, as St. Augustine said, our hearts are restless until they rest in God who is Love.  As Catholic Christians, we are privileged to share God’s love through Mass, the sacraments and how we live our life. 

Do you know someone thirsting for God?  Do you know someone not baptized or baptized in a different Christian tradition thirsting to know what it means to be Catholic?  Do you know someone already Catholic but who has not yet received Confirmation or the Eucharist?  They may be thirsting, too! 

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a place to ask questions and seek understanding about our Catholic faith. We would love for you to invite anyone you know who thirsts for the God who loves them.   For more information, please contact Ann Lynch or call the parish office.

Scam alert!

Recently, some parishioners have reported receiving requests for gift cards from Fr. Bernard or Fr. Rowell or Bishop Vasa. This type of thing is always a scam. Priests would not request gift cards from parishioners, let alone indirectly through email.They would ask directly for volunteer work. Always disregard this type of indirect request, especially for money or gift cards from priests as being a scam.

Catholic Apps

Catholicism might be a thousand years old, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make use of modern technology to practice our faith.

Catholic apps allow us to seek a deeper connection with God and understand what Catholicism is really about. It provides an easier and more comfortable way to read the bible quotes or brush up on your knowledge of Catholic prayers and teachings. For young Catholics, these apps are also valuable resources to help incorporate our faith into a digital lifestyle.

best free catholic apps for 202


No Cost Limited Obsterical Ultrasounds



J. Rophe Medical provides no-cost limited obstetrical ultrasounds to patients between 7-16 weeks pregnant in a confidential and professional setting, where each client is treated holistically with the utmost care and respect. Other services they provide include pregnancy testing, access to ultrasounds for women in outlying areas via the Mobile Medical Unit, Jenny Grace, prenatal vitamins, referrals to medical and social services, and past abortion recovery help.  All services are free. Open from 10 to 4 Mon–Thurs,  Call 707-444-0423 for an appointment.


The Pregnancy Care Center


The Pregnancy Care Center offers compassion, direction, and hope to those facing life decisions. All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAl:. 

*Pregnancy testing                         * Ongoing support

*Prenatal education                        *Childbirth education                   

*Maternity and baby clothing          * Community referrals                                   

*Equipment and supplies                * Parenting education

*Healthy relationships education     *Prenatal vitamins

Open: Mon,Tues, Thur, Fri: 10-3      707-442-2345

24/7 Option line: 800-712-4357


Loving Help For Post Abortion Survivors   


Loving Help For Post Abortion Survivors                

 Do not continue to live in shame, fear or numbness:  Rachel’s Vineyard heals hearts broken by abortion. or (707) 967-1101