Our YouTube Channel

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have created a YouTube Channel for our local Catholic community. We record Fathers Bernard D’Sa and Rowell Gumalay saying Mass so those who are sheltering in place and unable to attend services will have access to Mass with their local priests. The video is shot in high definition. You can view it here or on any smart device (TV, phone, tablet or computer) that has the YouTube app. Be sure to turn on the HD setting to get the best picture and sound. You should also have the ability to make the video full screen. (Note: higher resolutions may not be available for the first several hours after uploading)

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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Click the link on the right to view the 9 am Mass at Sacred Heart.

Catholic Kids Homilies

Catholic Kids Media is an effort to evangelize the culture, providing quality Catholic programming for kids that does not water down Catholicism. We develop resources for parents and teachers to instruct children in the Faith and practices of prayer. These videos tackle tough questions such as “What is the Eucharist?” and “What is the Trinity?” in order to help kids understand and love the strange and wonderful thing that is Catholicism, so that they might live Christ-centered lives.

Catholic News Stories

Keep up with the latest Catholic News

  • The Pope says maintaining a strong connection with God in the midst of daily tasks can be challenging, but necessary..
  • Germany’s most senior cleric has offered his resignation to Pope Francis. Munich’s Cardinal Reinhard Marx said that he wanted to share responsibility for what he called the “catastrophe of sexual abuse” by members of the Catholic church. Marx has long been a leading voice in the call for church reforms. Those calls have been growing louder as sex abuse investigations revealed a decades-long cover-up by the clergy. Marx said investigations and reports of the past 10 years showed him there had not only been “a lot of personal failure and administrative errors,” but “also institutional and systemic failure” within the Catholic Church.
  • Vatican sets term limits for leaders of lay movements.  To avoid an abuse of power, terms will be limited to five years, and leaders will be allowed to run for reelection once.

Fr. rowell’s rosary

Fr. Rowell Livestreams his Rosary on our Facebook page several nights a week. You can subscribe to it or click on the link below to view his last stream.