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Striving to be a grateful parish following Christ by loving God, and loving our neighbors as ourselves through our words, deeds, and thoughts.

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Catholic Kids Media

Catholic Kids Media is an effort to evangelize the culture, providing quality Catholic programming for kids that does not water down Catholicism. We develop resources for parents and teachers to instruct children in the Faith and practices of prayer.


Easter Message from Fr. D’Sa



Dear Parishioners,

Fr. Sudhakar and I have been trying to get our planting boxes ready as spring is making its way in. I have noticed the dormant sleeping bulbs under the dirt seem to crack even the hard surface to sprout. It gives me joy as a gardener. The instant thought that comes to my mind is “the bulb is alive”. That is the beauty of nature.

Easter revolves around the fundamental truth “HE IS ALIVE”. The paschal mystery is, Jesus suffered, died, was buried, and rose again”. This is our faith, and we are proud to profess it. There cannot be a better good news than “Jesus has risen, and He is alive”.

The Resurrection is a faith-filled holy event, witnessed and proclaimed by Mary Magdalen in simple terms “He is alive, and I saw him”. Without the Resurrection we would have nothing. Resurrection is much more than an event that happened 2000 years ago. It is also an ongoing personal experience that holds and moves us. It is a moment of transition in our lives from darkness to light, despair to hope and from an empty tomb into a space of joy and love.

Resurrection is not just a personal gift but is to be shared. When we give love, joy and hope to others we make Christ’s resurrection a reality. Hence, we need to ask ourselves “am I a love-giving, joy-giving and hope-filled person? “Does my life reflect the story of His resurrection?

May the Risen Lord bless you, your families and dear ones with His love, joy and hope.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter. He has risen, Alleluia!

Fr. Bernard



Welcome To New Catholic Members

With much joy and grateful hearts, we thank the Lord for the newest members of our Catholic family.  Maggie Freeman, Symphony Horvath, Michael Isaacson, Kiona Kannika and Nate Le were all baptized at the Easter Vigil last Saturday night, and Dawn Gomersall and Greg Paez made professions of faith and received into the Catholic faith.  Welcome, welcome to the family!!!



St. Vincent de Paul Society Thanks


SVdP thanks everyone who has continued to support our Outreach efforts in the community.   Because of your generosity, 50 families enjoyed an Easter dinner this year.  We thank Dave Vina, Linda Bareilles, Richard Graey, Joyce Schmidt Naylor, Russ Shaddix and Georgeanne Fulstone-Pucillo for keeping these projects going.  Together, we make a difference and may God continue to bless us all.  


Fr. Bernard’s 30th Ordination Anniversary, Sat., May 25


On Saturday, May 25, 2024, beginning with a bilingual 12:00pm Holy Mass, St. Bernard, St. Joseph and Sacred Heart Churches will host a celebration for Father Bernard’s 30th year anniversary of his ordination. After the Mass there will be a social with food, fun and entertainment in the parish hall! We are now looking for volunteers to help. More information will be announced in the coming weeks. If you can help, please text or call Sue Lehman at 347-446-5508.

          Congratulations To Our 2024 Confirmandi


We congratulate and pray for our confirmandi: Emily Cervantes Ramirez, Zaira Cervantes, Aylen Noemi Contreras, Dominica Diaz Soltero, Eileen Diaz Soltero, Bella Nevaeh Gibney, Alyn Garcia, Ashlyn Garcia, Karissa Garcia, Natalie Gierek, Alawna(Belle) Hall, Kohlton Hall, Laura Esmeralda Lopez, Samantha Martinez, Fernando Drake Miranda-Munoz, Alex Eduardo Mireles-Romero, Atzhiry Alondra Mojica Maria, Bianca Moreno Lopez, Brody Mowrey,Ahtziri Orozco Vielma, Aaliyah Giselle Pelayo, Ethan Ramirez-Moreno, Jade Ulany Rivas, Lluvia Rivas, Luis Rivas, Andrea Evelyn Santiago -Mojica, Garrett Shanahan, Andrea Sofia Torres Zaragoza, Decema Yoshiwo, Kenia Ruby Velasco Peña, Alejandra Villagrana Torres, and Jose Manuel Villagrana Torres.

May you nurture and fan the flames of the Holy Spirit as you undertake your missions in Christ. May you stay close to Jesus and our Blessed Virgin Mary and walk the Christian road of virtue, courage, honor and humility in all perseverance.


Catholic Bibles and Rosaries For Inmates and Recovery



There is a need for new Catholic Bibles and rosaries for inmates at the local Humboldt County Jail and for folks at the Humboldt Recovery Center (bring to office). There are Bible paperback versions here:|1006980 that are $10 or less.

For the Jail: Take paperback or soft bendable cover Bibles only  M-F 8am-4:30pm to 5th and J St blue metal stairway. At the top of the metal stairway ring the bell once and give Bibles to the person who answers. If on the weekend go to the bottom of the concrete stairs (same area) through the door and give them to the person at the visitation reception glass window Tell them it is for Visitations program.Our brothers and sisters in the jail thank you for helping them to receive the comforting word of the Lord during their confinement. Thank you for your help with this important ministry!



Liturgy Schedule

Sacred Heart – St. Bernard – St. Joseph Parishes

April 19


12:15 –  Mass @ St. Bernard Church

April 20


3:15 pm – Confessions @ St. Joseph Church

4:00 pm – Mass @ St. Joseph Church

April 21


7:30 am Mass @ St. Joseph Church      

9:00 am – Mass in English @ Sacred Heart

10:30 am – Mass @ St. Bernard

12:15 pm – Mass in Spanish @ Sacred Heart

April 22


12:15 pm – Mass @ St. Bernard Church

April 23


7:30 am – Mass @ St. Joseph

April 24


12:15 pm – Mass at Saint Bernard followed by Confessions and Adoration

6:00 pm – Adoration & Confession at Sacred Heart

7:00 pm  – Mass at Sacred Heart in Spanish

April 25


7:30 am – Mass @ St. Joseph Church

11:30 am – Mass @ St Joseph Hospital Chapel

April 26


12:15 –  Mass @ St. Bernard Church

April 27


3:15 pm – Confessions @ St. Joseph Church

4:00 pm – Mass @ St. Joseph Church

April 28


7:30 am Mass @ St. Joseph Church      

9:00 am – Mass in English @ Sacred Heart

10:30 am – Mass @ St. Bernard

12:15 pm – Mass in Spanish @ Sacred HeartMa


Catholic News

We have created links to the best Catholic news sites so that you can keep current in the latest national and international Catholic news.


America: The Jesuit Review

Our flagship magazine is the leading Catholic journal of opinion in the United States. First published in 1909, America magazine is known across the Catholic world for its unique brand of opinion and analysis. From theology and spirituality to politics, international relations, arts and letters, and the economy and social justice, America’s coverage spans the globe. We tell the stories that matter most to the church and the world. Our award-winning website is

Go to America: The Jesuit Review


Catholic News Service

Catholic News Service has a rich history of journalistic professionalism and is a leader in the world of Catholic and religious media. With headquarters in Washington, offices in New York and Rome, and correspondents around the world, CNS provides the most comprehensive coverage of the church today.

And in the digital age, CNS is showing a new audience the accuracy that has always been its hallmark with its video journalism and documentary production.

Go to Catholic News Service


Vatican News

Vatican News is the news portal of the Holy See. Surpassing the concept of being a simple digital platform, Vatican News seeks to respond and, in a certain sense, to anticipate the continual changes taking place in communication, with the objective of “communicating the Gospel of mercy to all people” in various cultures. It communicates and interacts through audio, video, text and images on a multi-lingual, multi-culture, multi-channel, multi-media and multi-device plain.

Go To Vatican News in English

Catholic News Videos

Pope Francis keeps bringing up the role of women in the Church to the cardinals. The Pope has continually emphasized that the female role in the Church needs to be addressed by listening to the testimonies and opinions of women from different backgrounds.

Pope Francis recovers the title “Patriarch of the West” as an ecumenical gesture. The new edition of the Pontifical Yearbook explains the Pope can once again use the title of “Patriarch of the West.” This decision could be a gesture of ecumenism towards the Orthodox Church.

Pope Francis: “Torture is not human”. In his General Audience, the Pope explained that torture threatens the dignity of a person.




Looking for the Bulletin?



Most of the information found in the bulletin can be found on our NEWS page.

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The Pope Video

Let us pray that the dignity and worth of women be recognized in every culture, and for an end to the discrimination they face in various parts of the world.

Pope Francis – APRIL 2024

In many parts of the world, women are treated like the first thing to get rid of.
There are countries where women are forbidden to access aid, open a business, or go to school. In these places, they are subject to laws that make them dress a certain way. And in many countries, genital mutilation is still practiced.
Let us not deprive women of their voice. Let us not rob all these abused women of their voice. They are exploited, marginalized.
In theory, we all agree that men and women have the same dignity as persons. But this does not play out in practice.
Governments need to commit to eliminate discriminatory laws everywhere and to work toward guaranteeing women’s human rights.
Let us respect women. Let us respect their dignity, their basic rights. And if we don’t, our society will not progress.
Let us pray that the dignity and worth of women be recognized in every culture, and for an end to the discrimination they face in various parts of the world.




13 Day Marian Shrine Pilgrimage



Father D’Sa has arranged another pilgrimage for anyone wishing to accompany him for 13 days from July 7-19, 2024. He will be touring Marian Shrines in France, Spain, and Portugal. Click on the following link for a more detailed itinerary. 

Fr. Bernard Marian Shrines


Simple Daily Ways To Practice Your Faith



A simple way to start your day.

We have begun reposting “The Daily Jolt” by Busted Halo on our Facebook page. It features an inspirational quote followed by  a Microchallenge, which is a simple suggestion of how to practice and live out this idea in your life today.  Often we feel that the task of trying to live out our faith can be overwhelming. The Daily Jolt offers one, easy, simple way to do so.

Check it out on our Facebook page:


Sacred Heart’s Facebook page


Rosary Group on Tuesdays

The Sacred Heart Rosary group invites you to join them on Tuesdays at 11:30 at Sacred Heart Church in the chapel.  We look forward seeing you there.


Text Scam Returns – Do Not Respond

Another Text Scam supposedly from Fr. Bernard or other priests asking for favors, money, gift cards etc. has been going around.

Please disregard. Do not respond!

We Have A Prayer Team


If you have a special need of any sort, we have a prayer team who will pray on your behalf.  Let us pray with you, and for you.  Surround yourself with prayer. 

Call our prayer line leader Toni 24/7 at (707) 445-361six



Avoid These Online Scams Directed At Catholics




With the prevalence of easy-to-access technology and the vast variety of ways people communicate these days, the pervasiveness of people who make it their mission to scam people out of money using digital trickery is only increasing. We collected some of the most common scams that are directed specifically toward Catholics as well as how to identify and avoid them in order to protect yourself from online criminals. 


Read Entire Article


Catholic Apps was created in response to the call to evangelization from Saint John Paul II, and then continued on through Pope Benedict, and of course the call for deeper evangelization from Pope Francis. We aim to review, and share a lot of catholic appsthat can help you deepen your own Catholic faith, or share unique Catholic apps that allow you to share and evangelize your faith with family, friends, and anyone you have a relationship with.
The 9 am Mass at Sacred Heart on Christmas Morning.Ho