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Farewell Party For Father Rowell

Potluck on Sunday, June 27

On Sunday, June 27th ther will be a Thank You Celebration for Fr. Rowell. Our beloved Fr. Rowell will be moving to Sonoma and we will be having a farewell barbeque in honor of his priestly service here, at the Sacred Shed on June 27th at 1pm. Last names A-M please bring a dessert, N-Z please bring salad. Barbequed hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken will be provided. He will be deeply missed, but we can always visit him in Sonoma! May God bless and keep him now and always!

Rev. Fr. Rowell Gumalay

A Letter To The Parish

Dear Friends,

     Greetings!  “30 Months” has been a significant time in my life. This is the time of my Exclaustration period in the Religious community – Missionaries of the Poor, the period of my R-1 Visa and my driver license expiration.   But I never thought that this is also my expiration at the Parishes of Sacred Heart, St. Bernard and St. Joseph. Was it a coincidence? Or God’s perfect timing? I believe that He is renewing all things and with more surprises!

     I would like to express my sincere gratitude for having accepted, welcomed and loved me throughout my stay here with you in Eureka. Your kindness, generosity and faith expression that you have shown  me is truly Christlike. Ever since my first day here, I know that I had found what I was looking for. I found the faith in you, the joy, and the love of God. I’m blessed too, to impart those same blessings through my priestly ministry.

     I would like to thank in a special way, our Pastor Fr. Bernard D’sa who has been my mentor and friend. He has guided me all along, so well, during this transition of my life and service. I will miss your company.

     To each one of you, who has shown pieces of God’s tender loving care, I cannot thank you enough; for your cards, cash, and prayers that I received generously.   Your active presence in the parishes is such a gracious gift of God.  May your perseverance bring you the joy and consolation that God has prepared for you. I will miss the fun-gatherings with you all, especially with the Filipino community. Be assured of my prayers before our Blessed Lord and whisper to Him too for me. My next assignment is in St Francis Solano Parish, Sonoma. Unfortunately, there’s no chicken coop there.

   I humbly impart God’s blessing upon you and your family: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

In His service,

Fr. Rowell Gumalay

Rev. Bernard John D’Sa

Reflection on Fr. Rowell


When Fr. Rowell’s transfer was announced, invariably many asked the same question”What will happen to the chickens?” No one asked “What will happen to his older brother?” Absolutely we both lived like brothers for the last two and a half years. Many of you appreciated the fraternal connection we both shared and you gave us encouraging comments. Thank you, Rowell, for being my younger brother. Every day before our breakfast together we hopped on the weight machine. I beat him most of the time since the two of us were trying to lose some weight. Our breakfast time was very important to us because during that time we exchanged our views on different contemporary issues and events in the church. It was a time for us to share the tasks we had accomplished in our parishes and we also planned for future activities.

Fr. Rowell stepped in where my talents fell short. He is a very handy man with social media which was needed during the pandemic. He made no fuss about anything. A down to earth man, he knows how to get his hands dirty. His motto is” Undertake that hobby which is productive” and he proved true to his motto when he planted the kitchen garden and built the chicken coup.

He is a man of deep prayer. Whenever he returned from the church after his personal prayer, I kiddingly asked ”Was the Lord asking where your pastor is when you were talking to Him?” He laughed and replied ”I told the Lord that you are busy.” He was very faithful to his ministry and his simple smile won the hearts of the parishioners. He has a very good and sympathetic ear for everyone. Since he had a humble beginning as a child, he is full of empathy towards the poor and broken. He reached out to the local homeless people, helping at Betty Chinn’s kitchen and doing the dishes at St. Vincent de Paul.

Many of you are asking me, “Will you miss Rowell and pop comes my answer ”I don’t think so, since now I will get all the attention from the Filipinos.” Of course, Fr. Rowell will leave a big vacuum and void in the life of our parish. But we priests are called to serve where we are appointed, and transfers are part and parcel of our life.

Fr. Rowell! Always remember, you were a blessing to our parishes. We wish you all success in your new assignment. Serve the Lord in Sonoma with the same vigor and enthusiasm. Bloom where you are planted!

-Fr. Bernard

Knights of columbus news

Fireworks booth returning

The Knights of Columbus Fireworks Booth Is Coming Back ! The Knights of Columbus will be selling fireworks @115 Henderson St. in front of Pacific Union Charter School. The booth will be open from 10am to 8pm, June 30th through July 4th. If you need firewooks on the 28th or 29th please call Alan @ 442-6844 and he will meet you at the booth. Proceeds go to the Knights of Columbus charities including: Sacred Heart and St. Bernard Parishes and St. Bernard Academy. For more information please call 442-6844. Thank you for your support!


Liturgy Schedule

Sacred Heart – St. Bernard – St. Joseph Parishes

June 20


7:30 am – Mass @ St. Joseph

9:00 am – Mass in English @ Sacred Heart

10:30 am – Mass @ St. Bernard

12:15 pm – Mass in Spanish @ Sacred Heart

June 21


12:15 pm – Mass @ St. Bernard

June 22


7:30 am – Mass @ St. Joseph

June 23


12:15 pm – Mass @ St. Bernard

6:00 pm – Adoration and Confession @ Sacred Heart

7:00 pm – Mass @ Sacred Heart in Spanish

June 24


7:30 am – Mass @ St. Joseph

5:30 pm – Adoration & Confession @ Saint Bernard

June 25


12:15 pm – Mass @ St. Bernard

June 26


3:15 pm – Confessions @ St. Joseph

4:00 pm – Mass @ St. Joseph

June 27


7:30 am – Mass @ St. Joseph

9:00 am – Mass in English @ Sacred Heart

10:30 am – Mass @ St. Bernard

12:15 pm – Mass in Spanish @ Sacred Heart

Fr. rowell’s rosary

Fr. Rowell Livestreams his Rosary on our Facebook page several nights a week. You can subscribe to it or click on the link below to view his last stream.


Catholic News Stories

Keep up with the latest Catholic News

  • The Pope says maintaining a strong connection with God in the midst of daily tasks can be challenging, but necessary..
  • Germany’s most senior cleric has offered his resignation to Pope Francis. Munich’s Cardinal Reinhard Marx said that he wanted to share responsibility for what he called the “catastrophe of sexual abuse” by members of the Catholic church. Marx has long been a leading voice in the call for church reforms. Those calls have been growing louder as sex abuse investigations revealed a decades-long cover-up by the clergy. Marx said investigations and reports of the past 10 years showed him there had not only been “a lot of personal failure and administrative errors,” but “also institutional and systemic failure” within the Catholic Church.
  • Vatican sets term limits for leaders of lay movements.  To avoid an abuse of power, terms will be limited to five years, and leaders will be allowed to run for reelection once.

year of

Saint Joseph

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Blessed Pope Pius IX’s declaration of St. Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church, Pope Francis has proclaimed a special “Year of St. Joseph.”  It is a wonderful opportunity to increase our love for St. Joseph and knowledge, “to encourage us to implore his intercession and to imitate his virtues and his zeal” (Patris Corde).

We have curated a special page to assist in your celebration of the special year.  Please check this page often for new resources and materials throughout the year.

Go to the year of st. joseph page

Scam alert!

Recently, some parishioners have reported receiving requests for gift cards from Fr. Bernard or Fr. Rowell or Bishop Vasa. This type of thing is always a scam. Priests would not request gift cards from parishioners, let alone indirectly through email.They would ask directly for volunteer work. Always disregard this type of indirect request, especially for money or gift cards from priests as being a scam.